Cub cadet sltx 1054 service manual

Browse Education Oil level was full and very clean; in fact, the unit had just been thru its very thorough annual servicing just two months earlier. My other Cub doesn't have this time feature; in fact none of them had it. I think he thinks that because the oil had been changed recently before he took it in and he took it in because he thought the lht indicated a problem other than simply a timer oil-change lht. Search for Cub Cadet Sltx 1054. Find Expert Advice on

Find it all - LookSmart - Results for your search. And so it went to the shop where they changed oil and installed a new filter. Sounds like the oil change lht goes off when the engine has 50 hrs. If the new oil looks clean, why do you think you've been shafted? A probably deemed suitable repair action would have to been to "Notify customer meaning of a blinking oil lht and ask if want to change oil". And to complicate matters, the owner's manual says that the oil should be changed at 100 hrs. Results for your search. Get the look smart on

Cub Cadet Sltx 1054 Vt Service Manual - A note on the invoice said, "Oil lht will stop blinking in 3 hrs." Sure enough, it did stop blinking although much earlier than 3 hrs. I was expecting them to say that there was some problem with the oil being pumped into the moving parts, but there's no mention of oil pump failure or anything like that. The evidence, the clean engine oil, suggests that you did get the oil change that this service lht requested. Meanwhile, in 4 yrs., they change it every time the unit goes to the shop, which comes to 5 times, 50 hrs. Cub Cadet Sltx 1054 Vt Service Manual Cub Cadet Sltx 1054 Vt Service Manual - Title Ebooks Cub Cadet Sltx 1054 Vt Service Manual - Category Kindle and eBooks PDF

Look Here It's the "change oil" indicator on an engine timer set for 50 hr intervals iirc. The oil was supposedly changed in April, looked clean, and there is no way I put 50 hrs. They are changing the oil because it's part of the annual service schedule, and you keep bringing it back for the "annual servicing." Who's fault is it that you are blindly paying for this annual servicing? Cub Cadet Service. Find Business & Industrial Articles

Service Manuals There's no reset other than it times out after rougy 3-5 hrs (why so imprecise and why no reset you'll have to ask someone else; I don't know :) ). The Service Monitor meter contains a service minder function that utilizes the 4-dit LCD display. Search Cub Cadet 1054. Explore Related Search Results.

Cub cadet sltx 1054 service manual:

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