Motorola spectra 9000 pa manual

Motorola Spectra SPECTRA MODEL CHART Well provided you have a Syntorx 9000 or Spectra A-9 Radio, you will need the jumper cable that goes from the A-9 head to the Dek Siren Head unit, Also needed are the T-cable from the radio to the systems 9000 siren box, the siren box itself and a siren speaker... Spectra VRS with Siren/PA, Expo VHF 136-174 MHz. The manual did not indicate any difference at all. Programming Motorola spectra, HT2000.

Steam Community Syntor x 9000 I can't off the top of my head remember the Motorola Part #'s.... If you happen to have an A9 head ending in 1073 or an equivalent model, you won't need the cable for the DEK unit because the siren control functions are handled in the control head, but you'll still need the HKN4363C (or B) radio-to-siren unit. Download Syntor x 9000 lowband manual Download. Low Band Manual Addendum, 60 watt PA, T51. Motorola. eBay SYNTOR X 9000.

P81070c85-motorola Installation Manual The Siren unit is an N1185D or E, and C mht work, but I can't re if it will. Motorola installation manual for spectra and astro dital spectra 68p81070c85 #. PA; to JP; to IL; to GB; to BG; to CY; to NL; to NO; to AT; to.

<i>Motorola</i> <i>Spectra</i> <i>SPECTRA</i> MODEL CHART
Steam Community Syntor x <i>9000</i>
P81070c85-<strong>motorola</strong> Installation <strong>Manual</strong>
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Motorola spectra 9000 pa manual:

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