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User's Manual Model EJA110A, EJA120A and. - Yokogawa The following information concerning the various P models' chronology was sent by a friendly visitor. 1 kg) - Serial no.: 38899H (H = Hughes) The Air Ministry logo (see pic. Some featured only the Army's broad arrow ("crow foot"). - See ASKANIA BORDGERTE**, Sonderdruck AERO 510, 1937/38 (flht deck instruments, Special issue, Note ** : The lht-weht versions of these Instruments (made for gliders and tourism aircraft) bore diminutive desnations like PROFILE - This instrument made by SPERRY-BADIN is a simple compass gyro activated by air flow. This company was created in 1923 and was the successor of the Laboratoire Badin (shop for aircraft instruments) created in 1911 by the famous inventor Raoul Badin (source: He described therein not only the Pattern 200 but also the compasses utilised by the observer, i.e. The system was first applied in 1920 by Le Prieur (cinmo-drivore S. A.) who invented later the Navraphe (see Navation) and also adapted as a drift assessing instrument and ed drivore Dordilly (L'Aronautique no. The route to be flown is set on the external scale (graduated 90 or 1600 MILS for a full circle) by means of an arm linked through the cover glass via a 1:4 gear to a second arm terminated by a red star which indicates the position of the card's north red star. cal Data - Dimensions: mm - Weht: g - Markings: • on side: Manufacturer's label HUSUN and Table MAGNETIC COURSE COMPASS • on dial rim: MK. View of a similar compass with a scale (0-10) inside the bowl. PROFILE: Kadlec was an instruments manufacturer located in the former Czechoslovakia, now Czechia (Address PRAG VIII Troja, Bei der Obstbauanstalt) until the end of WW II. User's. Manual. Yokogawa Electric Corporation. Model EJA110A, EJA120A and. EJA130A. Differential Pressure Transmitters. IM 01C21B01-01E. IM 01C21B01-.

EJA530E Yokogawa Electric Corporation For further information concerning navation on RAF aircraft with these compass types and more cal details concerning the aperiodic compasses, please go to cairdpublications. The confidential three-letter-code during WWII was bxx (click on link for pic.). Creagh-Osborne published in 1915 the booklet The magnetic Compass in Aircraft) . Observer's wrist compass PROFILE - Gaston-Jules DALOZ (living in Ramerupt, Aube, France) filed in Aug. 419.682) for a system that permitted to follow the displacement of the landscape on ground through the transparent card of a compass (see detailed description and comment as published in no. In spite of this, the compass was not to be used as such (no cardinals) and the pilot needed a navation compass. Only the cardinals are painted on the card (red star for North). - N 10838 (For Type Mk II, go to Air Ministry) cal Data - Dimensions: 2.25" x 2.06 x 1.81" - Weht: 3 ozs / 100 g Desn: Admiralty Compass Observatory Manufacture: Kelvin and Hughes (Aviation) Limited Retailer: Smiths Aircraft Instruments Limited We concentrate here various information to be found on the followings websites: - Compass pictures: liveauctioneers, wehrmacht-awards, warrelics, warbirdsite, collectair, - Background Information (on Gunsht.jp): Japanese Army aircraft compasses Japanese military aircraft instruments (list of data plates) Reading Japanese data plates Manufacturers names: Tokyo Aviation Indicator Company Yokogawa Kenki Seisakusho Top view: the wire cross with the fures 0-1-2-3 at the ends and the deviation correction scale. It is marked completely in kanji with a plate indicating Japanese Imperial Army Type 2 Model 2 "Gou" Magnetic Compass, as used in various early and mid-war Japanese Fhters and Bombers such as the Nakajima Ki-43 "Oscar", Kawasaki Ki-100 "Tony", Mitsubishi Ki-21 "Sally", Kawasaki Ki-48 "Lily", Mitsubishi Ki-67 "Peggy", and others. The EJA-E series of transmitters is Yokogawa's most recent evolution of the DPharp family. Customer Portal; Brochures; Instruction Manuals. General.

User's Manuals Instruction Manuals Yokogawa Partner Portal they settled onto a true course after a turn without overcompensation, this being achieved by means of sophisticated features like strong magnetic moment, small inertia and heavy damping. Literally, a compass without a period, that is, a compass that, after being deflected, returns by one direct movement to its proper reading, without oscillation. The verge-ring is previously set for the desired course by pressing down the ring, turning it till the degree mark of the course comes against the forward lubber line, and then releasing (source: " - see NAVATION German WWI compass models built by LUDOLPH and by PLATH. PROFILE - German manufacturer (more information HERE). The numbering started in 1913 with pattern 200 and the compasses were issued from 1915 on. 1148 describes several prismatic and liquid dampened compass types displayed in the Marching and the Wrist compass departments. 431.275, May 1911) who added a liquid damping and mechanical solutions permitting a rapid (re-)setting. The visible card rotates in a vertical plane and is linked to the magnets via a rht-angle gear. No external markings here but a similar compass is known in its orinal container. Yokogawa Electric Corporation Partner Portal. All User's Manuals Instruction Manuals listed below are available in PDF format for viewing and downloading.

Library Yokogawa Electric Corporation The very first compasses used aboard French balloons and aircraft during WWI and in the 1920s featured in addition to the makers name the words ARONAUTIQUE MILITAIRE. The authority ed Aronautique Militaire was a department of the War Ministry. The compasses used by the RAF were aperiodic compasses, i.e. It can be similar to the Air Ministry Type P.4 with mirror. The azimuth degree marks are shown on a rotatable verge-ring that carries a set of parallel grid-lines running in the north and south direction, and the pilot steers his course by keeping the lines parallel to the long north and south pointers of the needle system. The parallel lines were introduced via an additional patent in Nov. The device was then further developed by Abel-Louis DONON* (patent no. - Races Paris-Amiens-Paris and The compass magnets are concealed in the bowl. The tiny arrow on top indicates probably the flht direction. Notice You are currently viewing the Global website. View the United States website instead · Yokogawa Logo. Global · Investor Relations · Contact Us.

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